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  • Alex Zaprudsky

    Sean’s performance was captivating, comical, and full of energy. The audiences were enthralled by his magic and clowning. When not performing his stage show, Sean entertained the crowds with his stilt-walking, balloons, and pocket magic. The line for face painting never ended-and had beautiful results.

  • Stephanie Parks

    I hired Sean for my son’s 4th Birthday party. It was a huge success. The kids had sooo much fun. I would give him a 5 star rating. My kids loved the magic show, ballons, and the face painting. They want to have him come to all their parties now!!

  • Andrea

    Fun to see you tonight at Felix and Oscars–my daughter is very interested in having you come to her birthday party at the end of May! :) Loved the dolphin, monkey hanging upside down in the tree, and the Valentine’s Day heart for Mom. Thanks!

  • Jeff King

    We had Sean for the entertainment portion of our company Christmas party, which was attended by our employees and their spouse/guest. He was very entertaining and kept the audience laughing during the entire show. His performance was professional, tastefully done, and appropriate for any age group. I would highly recommend him for a company function.

  • Joshua Vinge

    Sean has great energy and adds a lot of excitement to our restaurant. The hats he makes are wonderful for kids and adults alike. Tuesdays are now my favorite day to work so I can see the smiles on all of my customers faces!

  • Nikki Bowes

    We added Sean Carlock at the last minute to make ballons for the kids at my sons 4th birthday party. He was a HUGE hit!!! He was the life of the party and was willing to make the kids anything the wanted!! I HIGHLY recommend him!!!

  • Stacy Cox

    Sean helped our daughter and her friends celebrate her 8th bday. Everyone had such a fun time! He performed some great magic tricks for the kids, had balloon animals and even face painting. It was a great success and I would recommend Sean for your kids parties also!

  • Ginni Peterson

    Sean did an amazing job at our daughter’s 6th birthday party!! Magic show, balloons, face painting and the kids loved it all! When we asked them later what they liked best they all had different responses but all agreed it was one of the best birthday parties ever! And one we will all remember forever! Thanks Sean!

  • Chrissy Breuer

    Sean entertained EVERYONE at my twins’ 4th birthday party. I was told by people of all ages how great he was. The kids were completely enthralled during the magic show. He is very good at adapting the show and knowing if the kids were getting his jokes or not. It was great how he incorporated the twins into the show. They loved being helpers! The balloons he makes are amazing and the line for face-painting was huge! We think we will have to have Sean as a Breuer Twins’ Birthday Bash tradition!

  • Alison Mallory

    Sean did a wonderful job at my daughters’ birthday party. He did some really great balloon animals and the face painting was great as well. The kids all loved it and several of the parents asked where I found Sean. He’s highly recommended and I’ll probably hire him again myself!!!! Thanks Sean!!

  • Ruthann Baumgardner

    Sean brought his magic to my mother’s 90th birthday party on October 1st. Everyone enjoyed the show and magic so much, especially the people Sean incorporated into his show from the party guests! I heard so many positive comments about Sean and his show from the party guests afterwards. Ages ranged from 25 to 95! Most of them didn’t know what the entertainment was going to be but all enjoyed it immensely. Thank you, Sean, for making Mom’s 90th birthday extra special!

  • NH Park & Rec.

    Sean was a great asset to our town’s Halloween Kids Party!! He kept a crowd of over 100 kids, and many adults captivated and entertained! The kids loved him, and the adults loved his humor! I am planning on hiring him back next year for the party! And recommend his talents to everyone!

  • samantha

    Sean did an AMAZING job on my daughters 4th b~day party! All the kids there were in Complete awww with him.. Great magic tricks and Great Balloon animals and face painting done by Erica! He’s highly recommended!!!
    And hopefully can have him comeback and next yr for bday # 5 thanks Sean so mcuh for making her day special!!!

  • Barbie DeHeer

    The City of Grimes – Sean and Erica captivated all the kids in Grimes, IA! I highly recommend them and I know you will enjoy it so much!
    Our kids came to hunt Easter Eggs, but they forgot about hunting and returned to see Sean
    and Erica! Even the adults were Amazed! They were both so kind and thoughtful of ALL the kids! Hope they will come back next year!

  • Kathy Ashburn

    I hired Sean for my church’s Family Night carnival. He was the star of the night. The children absolutely loved him. Sean has the natural ability to entertain and relate to “children” of all ages. Do yourself and your family a favor and hire Sean for your next party!

  • Ramona Eid

    I hired Sean for my daughter’s 3rd bthday party! It was a big success! All the kids had so much fun, he was able to hold their attention for more than an hour with his great magic tricks and his amazing balloon creations. I would definitely recommend Sean for ur next event, it will surely be a great success!

  • shirley hinrichs

    a very good clown with the biggest kindest heart! wonderful performer!

  • Wild Rose Casino and Resort - Beth Elman

    We hired Sean for our 5 Year Anniversary Celebration. They put on a top notch performance with exciting balloon animials and face-painting like you have never seen before. The kids had such a great time and they really did keep people entertained. We would hire them again for another family function.

  • Mark Ovanin

    For the past two times we have attended the Spring Fling in South Bend, IN Sean has been the lead go-to person. He not only has a great sense of organization but also can entertain crowds of all sizes. I have enjoy listening and learning from him each time we attend.

  • Darrick

    Loved his show, full of energy and tons of fun. he held the attention of all the kids and even the older kids as a parent i loved how he was able to fully captivate the audience and still wow me.

  • Emily Chhouy

    We had Sean come to make balloon animals and have face painting done for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. It was so much fun! The adults enjoyed seeing the balloon animals more than the kids! The face painting was awesome, and my family’s children were still wearing their “face” to a benefit dinner that night. It was so fun. I would recommend Sean to anyone wanting to have a fun time at their party!

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